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Knoxville is growing as a biking destination for both trails and greenways. And now it's easier than ever to hop on a bike and go!

Knoxville is excited to offer Pace Knoxville, a premier bike share experience for visitors and locals. With Pace, riders can rent and return bikes from a multitude of bike hubs located throughout downtown and from public bike racks throughout the city.

There are 250 bikes available. To find one near you, simply download the free Pace app (link below), available in the App Store or Google Play, then unlock the bike at the touch of a button. Pace rides in Knoxville cost $1.50 per half hour, and the first 30-minute ride for every NEW user is free!
And here's an added bonus — New Users can use promo code VISITKNOXVILLE for $10 in ride credit!

If you are over the age of 16, you do not need a helmet to ride a Pace bike. Those under the age of sixteen are required to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. However to ensure your safety, bike helmets are available for purchase in the Knoxville Visitors Center.

bikeshareDownload the PACE APP to find and unlock bikes near you

It's simple to use!

—Start Your Ride: Use the Pace app to find, select and unlock your bike.
—Make Quick Stops: Select "Hold Bike" in the app and your bike will be waiting for you.
—Park & Lock: Park at any Pace rack or public rack. Close the built-in lock.


Visit Knoxville Visitors Center
The Old City near Lonesome Dove
Market Square near Krutch Park
Emory Place near Crafty Bastard Brewery
Market Square Garage
State Street Garage
Knoxville Station Transit Center
Outdoor Adventure Center
Knoxville Convention Center
University Apartments near Sunspot
Tyson Park
Rivers Edge Apartments near Suttree Landing Park
Third Creek Greenway

Where to Ride?

The Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) has designed a Bicycling Map to assist residents and visitors in finding routes to shop, socialize, and go to work/school by bicycle. The "comfortable" designation is based on low-to-medium traffic speeds and volumes. The map also shows signed bike routes. While some portions of the routes aren't ideal, they are judged to be the best available. Remember that road conditions vary with time of day and day of the week. Increased traffic during rush hour may call for extra caution.
Click here for a downloadable pdf of the map.

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