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Neyland Greenway

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Traveling west on the James White Greenway, the bridge on First Creek marks the beginning of the Neyland Greenway which continues west, running parallel to the Tennessee River through Volunteer Landing Park. As it crosses under Neyland Drive at the mouth of Second Creek, you can connect with the Second Creek Greenway and travel north to World's Fair Park. Continuing west on Neyland Greenway, the University of Tennessee's Thompson-Boling Sports Arena and Neyland Stadium will be on the right. At Volunteer Boulevard the Greenway crosses Neyland Drive and continues alongside the Tennessee River before crossing under Neyland Drive again at the mouth of Third Creek. Here, the Neyland Greenway makes a connection with the Third Creek Greenway and heads north to Tyson Park. Continuing west, Neyland Greenway winds through the UT Experimental Gardens and the UT Veterinary School before ending at the UT Faculty Club. The entrance ramp to I-40 from Neyland Drive offers access to the greenway cloverleaf which merges onto the Knox Blount Greenway and crosses the Buck Karens Alcoa Highway Bridge.


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