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Seven Islands Kelley Lane Greenway

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Legacy Parks Treasure — Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge is the East Tennessee region’s largest wildlife sanctuary with more than 410 acres of forests and fields, six plus miles of natural trails, access to the French Broad River and spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains and rolling farmlands. It is managed through collaboration among Knox County Parks and Recreation, Seven Islands Wildlife Foundation and Legacy Parks Foundation. We invite you to become a Friend of Legacy Parks where your donations help maintain and expand these incredible gifts of natural resources in our region!

Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge is one of Knoxville's cherished treasures. Starting at the parking area, just past the gate, the paved greenway is sandwiched between pastoral fields of wildflowers and native grasses. The first old barn on the path, bears a barn quilt sign, a beauty all to its own. There will be another barn bearing a quilt-block as you come to the end of the paved route. Here you'll be at the bend of the French Broad River as it heads downstream to merge with the Holston to form the Tennessee River. Meadow trails cross the greenway to wander along wide mowed paths. From both the meadow trails and the paved greenway, vistas abound! There are the occasional views of the distant Smoky Mountains, the rising cliffs above the French Broad River, and acres of bucolic fields. A rich landscape for photographers and a diverse arena for bird watchers!



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