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First Creek Greenway

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The First Creek Greenway is currently divided into two sections. Future plans call for a connection under the interstate to link the upper section of the greenway in First Creek Park to the lower section in Caswell Park. The Caswell Park section circumvents the Ashley Nicole Playground, its beautiful gardens and lush open space. The linear greenway runs a one-way course of 0.9 miles while the inner loop around the park is 0.23 miles. The First Creek Park section winds alongside First Creek and features a small loop trail in the bend of the creek near the middle of the park. This 0.6 mile linear section of the greenway links First Creek Park with the Broadway Avenue sidewalk system. The First Creek Greenway at Fulton High School follows Woodland, winds along the creek for 1/3 of a mile and crosses into the Edgewood community and the senior center.

City of Knoxville Blog: The next section in process is from Fulton to Upper First Creek Greenway at Cecil Road (in front of Broadway Shopping Center). The design phase has just begun (2018), and the project is through a state matching grant. The grant is for $2 million, with a city match of $520,000. This is another link in the First Creek corridor, to eventually link to downtown Knoxville by greenway. The First Creek link north of Edgewood Park to Mineral Springs is in the long-range plans.

NOTE: The City of Knoxville announced that Grainger Avenue and a portion of First Creek Greenway will close for approximately one year, beginning Monday, Nov. 13 2017. Grainger Avenue will close between Fourth Avenue and Sixth Avenue for a bridge replacement project. The section of First Creek Greenway will be detoured along Sixth Avenue. The bridge replacement project was planned to widen the opening over First Creek to help prevent flooding. The project was also meant to upgrade utility lines that cross underneath the bridge.


First Creek Greenway Map

City of Knoxville Greenway map
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