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Northwest Greenway

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The Northwest Greenway features two loops. Each loop is approximately a mile in length and forms a figure-eight around the two soccer fields at Northwest Middle School Park. Behind the school, a 0.9 mile connector trail snakes alongside Green Heron Creek and passes by several horse and llama farms before joining the Victor Ashe Greenway. Victor Ashe Greenway leads into Victor Ashe Park. Pleasant Ridge Greenway, parallels Pleasant Ridge Rd in front of the school, providing a safe, direct route to Victor Ashe Park. Linking these greenways creates a full loop around both parks giving an option for an out-and-back route.

City of Knoxville Blog: City engineers are approaching completion of the design phase for a 0.9-mile extension of Northwest Greenway, connecting Victor Ashe Park to Western Avenue. This project will include an impressive 464-foot bridge that will span over Western Avenue. Completion is slated for 2019.


Northwest Greenway map

City of Knoxville Greenway map
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