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Lakes & Rivers

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Make a splash on one of our many lakes, quarries, rivers or mountain streams whether it's from the stroke of a paddle, the cast of a fishing line or a refreshing plunge to escape the summer heat. Our rivers and lakes provide excellent recreational playgrounds for both flat and white water paddling. Anglers can enjoy their miles of shoreline or head to the hills to wade knee deep in one of our clear mountain streams. If you want to escape the summer's heat — take a dip in one of the swimming beaches or enjoy a lazy day tubing down the river.

Cherokee Lake
Cove Lake
Douglas Lake
Fontana Lake
Fort Loudoun Lake
Melton Hill Lake
Norris Lake
Tellico Lake
Watts Bar Lake

Ft Dickerson Quarry
Meads Quarry

Big South Fork River
Clinch River
French Broad River
Holston River
Little River
Nolichucky River
Obed Wild & Scenic River
Pigeon River
Powell River
Tellico River
Tennessee River

Big South Fork NRRA
Cherokee National Forest - North
Cherokee Natinal Forest - South
Great Smoky Mountains

Warning: If you like fishing and paddling on TVA-managed reservoirs, please be aware of the possible hazards surrounding dams. A large amount of water can be discharged through a dam without warning at any time. For example, when the demand for electricity is high, the turbines that generate electricity at a dam may start automatically, resulting in a significant increase in the flow of water within only a matter of seconds. Similarly, river operations for flood control can create rapidly rising water in otherwise shallow riverbeds, especially below tributary dams, which are usually located in steep terrain. Visit TVA's Hazardous Water site to familiarize yourself with the warning signals and the danger zones surrounding the dams. 

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