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Knoxville is a waterfront town with the Tennessee River slicing through our downtown area. Formed by the confluence of the Holston River flowing in from Virginia and the French Broad River entering from North Carolina — this major waterway then winds its long course through the eastern portion of our state. The section of the Tennessee River that passes through Knoxville is part of Fort Loudoun Lake, a TVA reservoir created by the Fort Loudoun Dam. Other rivers that flow into our area are the Powell and Clinch Rivers downstream from Virginia and the Nolichucky, Pigeon, Little River and Tellico, all entering from North Carolina. On the northern boundary of our region we have the free-flowing rivers of the Cumberland Mountains: the Obed and Big South Fork Rivers. Rivers offer an array of recreational activities, whether you're an angler, a paddler, or you just want to spend the day along the water's edge.

Overview Tennessee Rivers Map

Big South Fork River
Clinch River
French Broad River
Holston River
Little River
Nolichucky River
Obed Wild & Scenic River
Pigeon River
Powell River
Tellico River
Tennessee River

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