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Fort Dickerson Park

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Legacy Parks Treasure — Fort Dickerson Park is part of the 1,000-acre Knoxville Urban Wilderness championed by Legacy Parks Foundation. We invite you to become a Friend of Legacy Parks where your donations help us build trails and expand this unique urban playground! Teamed up with Ijams, AMBC, TWRA along with the City and County of Knoxville, we are developing the 1,000-acre Urban Wilderness Corridor, that when completed, will connect ten parks, feature forty miles of recreational trails, four civil war sites, and diverse ecological features and recreational amenities.

One of the best-preserved earthen forts from the Civil War era rests on a knob just across the river from downtown, providing a high vantage point to get a full view of the downtown skyline as well as the high peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains. The overlook peers across the placid turquoise waters that pool in the 350-foot deep quarry. History buffs will enjoy wandering over to the historic Civil War fort to stroll around the interpretive trail. There are two shelters for enjoying a picnic after walking the interactive trail around the fort, which includes three authentic replica cannons. The 4 miles of multi-use natural trails wind through the woodlands from the top of the quarry cliffs to the pool below, then winds through the woods to the Earthen Fort area and back to the quarry overlook. The Fort Dickerson Greenway connects with the natural trails in several places.

The City of Knoxville, working with the Aslan Foundation, has recently added a new 1-acre gateway park with stone columns, open space and historic signage, improving the Chapman Highway entrance of the 85-acre Fort Dickerson Park and the Augusta Ave entrance. There are now 2 parking areas at the Augusta Avenue entrance. Users that want to walk the graveled greenway or get on the trails may find the first parking area convenient while those needing direct access to the quarry can travel the 0.4 mile gravel road to park at the quarry. Over the next few years, other improvements will include restrooms, a dock, a concession stand and lockers for kayaks and canoes.

The Augusta Avenue/greenway entrance is currently being improved by the City of Knoxville and Aslan Foundation.

Paddling and Swimming:
During summer months, the quarry is a favorite cool-down spot for swimmers and paddlers of all ages. Only non-motorized boats are permitted. Users may park in the Quarry access parking area at the end of Augusta drive.
Note that alcoholic beverages and jumping off the cliffs into the quarry pool are not allowed! There is a guard on duty to enforce these regulations. Quarry park hours are from 10 am to 8 pm during the summer months.

Knoxville's closest urban trails are just across the Tennessee River from downtown! The 4 miles of trail can be accessed from both the upper and lower entrances to Fort Dickerson Park. The lower entrance connects to the graveled greenway. These machine-built trails wind through the forest and skirt around the quarry making a connection with the quarry overlook, the pool below, and with the earthen fort. Riders can make an easy connection to the Knoxville Urban Wilderness Trails via a short road section.


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