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Melton Hill Park

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Bordered by the Clinch River, Melton Hill Park offers water access with 2 boat ramps, a fishing pier, as well as a sandy beach and swim area. In addition to the sand volleyball court and playground area, there's plenty of open space for romping around and enjoying family and friends. Miles of trail weave through the park. You can walk, run or bike along the paved greenway or enjoy the natural surface trails that wind through the woods and meadows. And you might want to pack a lunch — there are plenty of scenic riverview spots for enjoying a picnic. Several wildflower hikes, cycling and paddling events are held at the park throughout the year, be sure and check the event calendar to keep posted. 


Bicycling: In addition to the greenway that loops the large meadow, the park is a great start location for road cyclists. Mile of surrounding less-traveled backroads connect to the main road into the park, providing many scenic routes to explore. The terrain is rolling so expect a number of climbs and descents.

Fishing: Surrounded by water with two boat launching areas, the park provides an excellent venue for anglers on the Clinch River.

Paddling: Enjoy paddling around the penisula, skirting the edges of the sheer cliffs that rise from the river. There are two boat launching areas for easy access to the Clinch River.

Trails: There are several loops along natural surface trails within the park. The wooded trail winds through the forest, skirting the shoreline with occasional spurs that take you waterfront. As the trail departs the woods it merges into a mowed path that meanders through a beautiful waist-high grassy meadow. There are several loops to the meadow trails, some winding down to the Clinch River. Birdwatchers will enjoy the open meadow trails which provide a perfect habitat for a variety of species.

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