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Sequoyah Park

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Bicyclists, runners and walkers enjoy the charm of this scenic tree-lined boulevard with its rolling hills and quaint older homes, some dating back to the 1920's. Sequoyah Hills is acclaimed for its breathtaking spring landscapes and is a featured tour during the Dogwood Arts Festival. Divided into three sections each with its own parking, Sequoyah Hills Park features 3 sport fields, a playground and exercise yard, and two waterway accesses to the Tennessee River. There is plenty of open space for frisbee and picnics along with a trail that winds along the riverfront. Just around the corner, there are 2 other parks to visit in the neighborhood — Talahi Park is to the west as you wind along the boulevard trail and Whitlow Logan Park is a couple of streets southwest.


Bicycling: The neighborhood is very bicycle-friendly, making the loop around Cherokee Boulevard a favorite with road cyclists. With the connection to the Third Creek Greenway just across Kingston Pike, cyclists have miles of connectivity. Usually children learning to ride will bicycle along the greenway's median strip.

Greenway and Trails: In addition to the Sequoyah Greenway that runs along the boulevard median, the park features wide open meadows with a natural trail that winds along the banks of the river.

Paddling: From the boat ramp, paddlers can float up the Tennessee River to Volunteer Landing for a 3.8 mile (one-way) trip and enjoy the downtown riverfront.

Sequoyah Hills Park Map

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