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Loyston Point Trails

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Loyston Point spreads across a peninsula on the Clinch River arm of Norris Lake. Trails will traverse through the beautiful woodland, hug the shoreline of the Clinch River, and ascend to the ridge top for great views of the river below, the Cumberland Mountains to the northwest, and the Smokies to the southeast. The 17.7 mile trail system consists of singletrack, doubletrack, and old roads. While 12.7 miles are multi-use trail open to mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners, there are 2.5 miles of foot traffic-only trail that winds through the Hemlock Bluffs Small Wild Area. The trails handle wet weather and are user-friendly. Water lovers will enjoy the swimming hole, fishing, and paddling along the Point 19 trail.


Hunting: Loyston Point is managed for hunting and habitat conservation by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency. A complete list of regulations and more information is available at TWRA's hunting schedule — Obey the rules and stay safe!

Camping: Loyston Point Campground features sixty-four campsites, 59 with electric hookups. Restrooms with heated showers and flush toilets, dump station, picnic tables, swimming beach, and boat ramp. For campground information, park hours, and the state park staff call 865-494-9369.

Fishing: Nestled on the shores of the Clinch River there are miles of pristine shoreline for the bank fisherman. Boaters can put-in at the boat ramp located in the overflow parking area.

Paddling: There is a boat ramp approximately 1,000 feet from the trailhead which is also used as overflow parking.

Foot Traffic-only Trail:
Hemlock Bluff SWA Trail:
2.5 miles foot traffic only trail named for the prominence of hemlocks in its mixed hardwood forest. The narrow singetrack trail meanders through a Hemlock grove and Paw Paw patches. In spring, wildflowers can be spotted along the bluff.

Multi-use Trails:
Loyston Loop Trail:
This 5.4 mile loop winds through the shoreline and ridges of Norris reservoir. Slope is gentle and trail was built to 48’’ wide to accommodate beginner bikers/hikers while still being very fun for advanced bikers/hikers. Loop can be ridden in both directions for an approximately 11-mile ride. The Loyston Loop Trail provides a perfect loop for the beginner mountain biker.

Mill Creek Loop Trail: The 7.3 mile loop, more challenging than the Loyston Loop, is geared toward intermediate trail users. There are more dramatic features that will allow maximum biking fun while remaining pedestrian friendly.

Clinch Trail: This 1.0 mile doubletrack trail connects to Loyston Loop in several places which allows the trails to be used in a variety of configurations. This trail offers the best workout with several steep climbs to get your heart rate up!

Point 19 Trail: A 1.5-mile doubletrack trail that leads down to the reservoir day marker 19 (known by locals as “point 19). Great swimming hole and informal campsite at the terminus.


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