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Sharp's Ridge Veterans Memorial Park

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Just 10 minutes from downtown you can drive to the top of Sharp's Ridge Veteran Memorial Park for the best view of our skyline and the distant mountain peaks. About three-quarters of the way to the top of the ridge, there is an overlook platform featuring signage identifying the peaks that are most familiar to us. When fall has claimed the leaves from the hardwood trees surrounding the park, there are views to be had from the two picnic areas. There are 4.7 miles of multi-use trails that wind across the wooded hills and a 0.6-mile downhill-only trail for mountain bikers (no foot traffic or dogs allowed). Birdwatchers can join one of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society many hikes. Sharp Ridge trails drain extremely well and are a great place to hike or ride when other Knoxville trails are too wet.

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One of the best sites around for migrant songbirds in the spring. Birdwatchers might want to join one of the Knoxville Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society's bird walks.

Natural Trail: 0.6 miles
Difficulty: extreme
Starting adjacent to the upper parking lot, the gravity jump Knight Fall trail is 0.6 miles and is a black diamond expert only trail for mountain bikers - no foot traffic or dogs are allowed. Riders will drop in off the wooden qualifier into a series of berms, followed with rollers, table tops, and drops that lead to the signature g-out section. 5 g-outs lead to a final series of table tops. Packed with jumps for riders to progress on, it is a half mile of fun. Riders can take the Push Line trail from Lincoln to Firebreak for easy access to the top of Knight Fall.

Natural Trail: 4.7-mile loop
Difficulty: easy to moderate
There are 5 miles of singletrack trail, ranging from flowy, gradual climbs to a black-diamond downhill. This compact trail system offers riders a variety of terrain options. The lower trail, Lincoln, is 2 miles of smooth singletrack with little elevation change, fun switchbacks and a short flow section. Sharp Shin is a 1.5-mile trail on the middle of the ridge and offers more technical sections mixed in with some narrow, exposed singletrack. The topmost trail, Firebreak, is 1.5 miles of short, punchy climbs coupled with some handcut singletrack reroutes. Trails can be accessed from the neighborhood on Hanover/Ridge Road; from the bottom trailhead just across from the picnic area; and from the upper parking area by the cell tower.







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