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Cumberland Trail - Frozen Head Segment

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At completion, the Frozen Head Segment will host almost 20 miles of trail along the work-in-progress 300-linear mile Cumberland Trail (CT). At present, 8.7 miles are completed. The trail begins at Nemo Bridge, ascends through the Emory River gorge, and will eventually reach the town of Wartburg when section 1 is completed. Hikers will be able to resupply here before ascending Bird Mountain and traversing the ridge to the impressive castle-like formations of Frozen Head State Park - section 2. Section 3 of the Trail will continue across the highest elevations of the Park to its northeast corner. Here the New River Segment can be accessed to continue along the linear Cumberland Trail. The southern-most mile of Section 1 and the northern-most mile of Section 2 provide out-and-back hikes. See below for the loop hike using Section 3 and access trails from developed parts of Frozen Head State Park.

The Bird Mountain Trail begins on the dirt service road at the northern end of Big Cove Campground. The trail turns left into the woods and switchbacks 1900' to the crest of Bird Mountain and the Castle Rock formation. After passing Castle Rock, the trail makes right to follow the ridgeline for 2.2 miles before intersecting with the service road that comes up the mountain. Hikers can make a loop back to the trailhead by following the service road descending the 3 miles back to Big Cove Campground. To continue along the Cumberland Trail, turn left on the service road ascending 1.5 miles to the junction with Coffins Springs Road. Turn left as the trail continues 0.7 miles to Coffin Spring where you'll find the natural spring at the bottom of the hill to the left of the sign. This hike is rated as moderate.

Frozen Head CT map segment

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