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Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area

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Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area was set aside by TVA to preserve the large limestone sinkholes that provide a unique environment for amphibians and wildflowers making this a great trail for nature lovers. Along the trail are artifacts discarded after building Douglas Dam as well as ancient chestnut stumps. Young bald eagles have been observed in the tailwaters below the dam.Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area encompasses about 30 acres and is characterized by a mature, upland hardwood forest. The bluff itself is a 400-foot cliff that overlooks the French Broad River, however, it is not accessible by the trail system. In the early spring the ground is covered with wildflowers including phlox, trillium, Solomon's seal, hearts-a-bustin', bloodroot, and jack-in-the-pulpit.

The one-mile loop trail is easy and offers breath-taking views of the Great Smoky Mountains from the parking lot. Winding through the forest, the trail features many American chestnut stumps and limestone sinkholes. Wild turkeys are frequently sighted in the area, and hikers can examine core samples taken during the construction of Douglas Dam.





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