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Fort Loudoun State Historic Park Trails

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Surrounded by the waters of the Fort Loudoun Lake, this historic island is home to the restored 1756 Fort Loudoun Fort and provides a glimpse of life during the time of the French and Indian War (1754-1763). The 5 miles of connecting hiking trails weave through the woodlands, grassy fields, and along the lake's shore. The shoreline trail beholds impressive vistas of the highest peaks along the Smokies and the Cherokee National Forest. There is also a scenic overlook from the Ridgetop Trail that views both the lake and the distant ridges. The treks are not difficult and offer many opportunities for wildlife viewing. The ridge top trail climbs to an elevation where you can catch a scenic view of the distant mountains rising above the lake. In addition to the nature trails, paved trails connect to the park's picnic areas.

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Meadow Loop Trail: Beginning at the picnic area, the trail cuts through the woods and over to the meadow where a mowed path makes a 3.25 mile loop through the tall grasses. The Lost Shoe Loop is an extension of the Meadow Loop adding an additional half mile to the hike.

Ridgetop Loop Trail: Starts just past the boat ramp and contours the lake for a short distance before you begin a climb that winds through the woods for 1.5 miles. There are wonderful views from the top and plenty of benches to stop for a picnic or break. Coming down the hillside, the trail crosses the road and provides a connector to the meadow trail to the right or continues straight to return by way of the picnic area.

Fort Loudon State Park Trails