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High Ground Park Trails

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High Ground Park has been preserved as an historical landmark of South Knoxville. This beautiful park on Cherokee Trail was once the historic site of Fort Higley, constructed in 1863 by Union forces in preparation for the battle to protect the high ground south of the Tennessee River from Confederate siege. The construction of three forts along the ridges south of the river was ordered on Nov. 27, 1863 by Captain Orlando Metcalfe Poe, chief engineer to Union General Ambrose Burnside's Federal Army of the Ohio. The forts built were Fort Higley, Fort Dickerson and Fort Stanley.

A beautiful stone wall borders the peaceful walking that winds through hardwood forests, wildflowers and native flowering bushes. The trail opens to a wildflower meadow where a red Wave Hill chairs invite users to sit and enjoy this peaceful natural setting. A nature trail leaves the meadow to wind past the remnants of defensive emplacements such as rifle trenches and a cannon redoubt. As the leaves fall in winter, views of Fort Stanley, Fort Dickerson and the Loghaven Ridge can be seen, as well as scenic views across the Tennessee River to the UT Campus and downtown Knoxville. History buffs will glean from the informative and educational signage featured along the path.

High Ground Park is part of the proposed Battlefield Loop of the Knoxville Urban Wilderness trail system that when completed will connect South Knoxville's Civil War Forts.



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