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UT Arboretum Walking Trail

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More than just a hike! The UT Arboretum's interpretive trails are designed to teach and show ecological points of interest. There are more than 2,500 native and exotic woody plant speciments on this 250-acre Research and Education Center. Self-guided nature trails thread the nearly 5 miles of woods open to hikers, photographers and bird-watchers. Trail markers with interpretive signs describe many of the trees, shrubs and flowering plants.  From thick underbrush to mature hardwood and pine to wide-open fields, this mix of habitats, cover, and food attracts bird species year-round. The open spaces provide exceptional opportunities for bird-viewing at close range.This is an excellent resource for school children researching science projects.

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White Pine Trail and Marsh Area: 0.25 mile one-way.
Description and Map

Oak Hickory and Lost Chestnut Trails: Oak Hickory Trail 0.5 miles and Lost Chestnut Trail 0.3 miles — Round trip from Visitors Center is 1.1 miles
Description and map

Tulip Poplar, Major Plant Collections and Heath Cove Trails: Tulip Poplar Trail 0.4 mile, Major Plant Collections 0.25 mile and Heath Cove Trail (Upper and Lower) 0.25 mile
Description and map

Backwoods Trail: Trail 0.9 miles — from Visitors Center via N Loop Road 0.3 miles and round trip via S Loop Road 2.1 miles
Description and map

Cemetery Ridge Trail: Trail 0.7 miles — from Visitors Center via S Loop Road 0.25 miles and round trip via S Loop Road 1.6 miles
Description and map

Cross Roads Trail: Trail 0.2 miles — from Visitors Center via S Loop Road 0.65 miles and from Visitors Center via N Loop Road 0.7 miles. Round Trip via S Loop Road 1.55 miles
Description and map

UT Arboretum Walking Trails Map

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