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Bicycling Greenways

Bicycling the GreenwaysGreenways provide people who bicycle a great avenue for recreational riding as well as a safe route for commuters. A peaceful and scenic, non-traffic link to schools, parks, neighborhoods and shopping centers makes bicycling on the greenway the better route for getting across town! Knoxville currently boasts over 65 miles of greenway loops and trails. Neighboring greenways in the Town of Farragut, Oak Ridge and Blount County, offer additional miles of scenic travel.


Within most of our city, county and state parks, there are paved greenways that circumvent or bisect the park. These are often low in mileage, but provide a perfect avenue where children can gain bicycle handling skills in a non-threatening environment. The adult bicyclist fares better riding on our linear greenway system. Many of these greenways connect to a park, offering a start location for users. In addition, many of these greenways connect to another greenway offering miles of continuity.

For the adventurous greenway cyclist, the Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) has designed a mapped route that travels from downtown to (almost) Cedar Bluff in West Knoxville, a total of 14 miles one-way. However, it's important to note that where the greenway loses a connecting greenway, the route travels through quiet neighborhoods, but there are two small sections that cross and briefly ride down Kingston Pike. For both sections there are stoplights for crossing the street. The Bearden section is short but without shoulders, whereas the west Knoxville section is a block long but has wide shoulders. That being said, it's a wonderful way to get across town by bicycle, just be sure you're comfortable riding on streets before you tackle the route.


Bearden Village Greenway
Cavet Station Greenway
First Creek Greenway
Grigsby Chapel Greenway
James White Greenway
Jean Teague Greenway
Knox Blount Greenway
Liberty Street Greenway
McFee Road Greenway
Middlebrook Greenway
Morningside Greenway
Neyland Greenway
Parkside Greenway
Pellissippi Greenway
Paper Mill Bluff Greenway
Second Creek Greenway
Sequoyah Greenway
Ten Mile Creek Greenway
Third Creek Greenway
Turkey Creek Greenway
Weisbarber Greenway
Will Skelton Greenway


Blount County Greenways Map
Knoxville Greenways Map
Oak Ridge Greenways Map
Town of Farragut Greenways Map


  1. Show courtesy — greenways are for all users.
  2. Yield right-of-way to pedestrians.
  3. Keep to the right (except to pass).
  4. Always pass on the left and give ample room.
  5. Before you pass a pedestrian or another bicyclist, slow down and either ring a bell or politely call out “passing on your left”.
  6. Stay single file in congested conditions.
  7. Ride at a safe speed and enjoy the view.
All Users
  1. Share the greenway; be considerate  of all users.
  2. Keep to the right side of the greenway.
  3. If you stop, step off the greenway.
  4. Turn down volume on earphones so that you can hear other greenway users.
  5. Keep dogs on a leash and clean up after your pet.
  6. Call 911 to report crime.
  7. For greenway maintenance call 311 in Knoxville and 215-6600 in Knox County

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