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To a fisherman, nothing beats a nice sunny day — or any day — out fishing! So grab your rod and reel and head to one of our many lakes, rivers, or mountain streams.

Kids Love to Fish


A day on the lake — barely a ripple in sight, you're here to enjoy the serenity, to test your angling skills. A splash disturbs the calm letting you know there are fish feeding, can you convince them that your hook is dinner? The challenge begins. Lake fishing can be a solo adventure or a great way to connect with family and friends and experience the outdoors together. Enjoy some good ole fishin' time at one of our large reservoirs, scenic quarries, or small lakes and ponds.

Fly Fishing the Smokies


Some question why someone would want to fish a mountain stream when they’re usually more difficult to get to, biting insects are plentiful, and streams are rarely large enough to hold large fish. We take a different approach — difficult to get to means you might have this sequestered location all to yourself with more fish to catch. Biting insects indicate that the fish have a source of food for their livelihood and hints at what lure might work toward your advantage. And the big plus, smaller fish tend to be tastier, easier to clean and cook. Check out our list of mountain streams and see if you don’t get hooked! On fishing that is.

Fishing the Tennessee River


River fishing presents a different set of challenges. Here, the fish live in a constantly moving world. They’re more active and more athletic. And then there are other hurdles — the water is too fast, too slow, too muddy, too clear, too high or too low to — now isn’t that why you come to fish the river?

The French Broad & Upper TN River Blueways map is an excellent resource for locating piers, docks, put-ins, marinas and other facts and points of interest. The proposed 50-mile Pellissippi Blueway will feature the water trail along the Pellissippi/Clinch River.

Fishing Will Skelton Greenway


We're a waterfront city, it's only natural that we have an abundance of local greenways and parks that provide shoreline, piers and boat ramps to get you out on the water. It's almost like walking out your back door to fish!

Obtain A FISHING LICENSE — It Sustains Our Resources

When you purchase a fishing license, you’re helping to protect, preserve and enhance the sport of fishing today and for generations to come, so be sure to meet state licensing requirements whenever you fish in the State of Tennessee.
Children under the age of thirteen are exempt from licensing requirements, but Tennessee residents aged 13-15 require an $8.00 seasonal license.
Adult state residents (16 and over) require a $28.00 seasonal resident’s hunting/trapping/fishing combination license; optional annual trout stamp is an additional $18 (NO trout may be harvested without one).
One-day resident licenses are $5.50.
Non-resident licenses are slightly more expensive: annual combo licenses are $41.00, Junior (13-15) licenses are $9.00, 3-day licenses cost $16.50, and 10-day licenses cost $25.50.
Be sure and observe all park rules, stay off of private property, and leave the area as you found it, or better — and please don’t litter.

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