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Running & Walking

Walking and running are natural skills for us, making it an added bonus when it's considered the best aerobic exercise for conditioning our hearts and lungs! So lace up your shoes, bring your dog, and hit your neighborhood sidewalks, parks, greenways and trails. Knoxville has an abundant supply of both paved and natural surface trails. If you need a bit of training, support or friendly companions to share the trails with, there are local clubs and meetup groups that get together on a regular basis and welcome you to join them. Set your goal to participate in one of Knoxville's numerous sponsored walks, marathons and trail runs.

Listings of weekly road or trail runs can be found on our Weekly Events Calendar and on 865 Running.

Great Runs has put together a Dowtown Knoxville and University of Tennessee Tour. This tour of just under 5 miles showcases the highlights of Knoxville's small downtown and the adjacent University of Tennessee campus, with a return on the riverfront Neyland Greenway.


To get outdoors in Knoxville literally means to just get outside your door! Start by taking advantage of the many neighborhood sidewalks and boulevards that are close to home. Head out to a local or state park and explore their paved trails. Just in the city and county of Knoxville there are over 65 miles of walking trails, loops and greenways. Add to that the surrounding counties and we have mega miles of paved trails. Another option when not in use are the school tracks which are usually available — a local favorite is the Tom Black Track on the UT campus. There's an extensive list on our parks and greenways pages, below is a sampling of local favorites.


Running at Ijams Nature Center

Beverly Greenway
Cavet Station Greenway
Grigsby Chapel Greenway
Holston River Greenway
Ijams Nature Center
James White Greenway
Jean Teague Greenway
Lakeshore Greenway
McFee Road Greenway
Morningside Greenway
Neyland Greenway
Northwest Greenway
Parkside Greenway
Sterchi Hills Greenway
Sequoyah Greenway
Ten Mile Creek Greenway
Third Creek Greenway
Turkey Creek Greenway
Victor Ashe Greenway
Will Skeleton Greenway
UT - Tom Black Track


Betty Brown Memorial Trail - Kingston
Cades Cove - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Maryville Alcoa Greenway - Maryville
Melton Lake Greenway - Oak Ridge


Leaving the pavement for soft surface trails offers a scenic switch from those of the daily cityscape. There's more focus on your walk or run when you don't have to deal with traffic and other urban obstacles. Your joints will appreciate the softer trails, and your lungs the fresher air. Knoxville's cross-country trails range from mulched trails to mowed grassy pathways, from old dirt roads to rugged singletrack. Many of our local and state parks feature a wonderful variety of natural surface trails, check our trails section for a complete list. Listed below are some of the larger trail systems that are local favorites.


RN Trail-200x300

Concord Park Trails
Forks of the River WMA*
IC King Park
Ijams Nature Center
Knoxville Urban Wilderness
Melton Hill Park
Seven Islands State Birding Park
Victor Ashe Park
Williams Hastie Natural Area


Big South Fork NRRA Trails
Black Oak Ridge Trails*
East Lakeshore Trail
Frozen Head State Park Trails
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trails
Haw Ridge Park Trails
Norris Dam State Park Trails
Norris Watershed Trails
North Boundary Trails
Panther Creek State Park Trails
*Check TWRA for hunting dates - BE SAFE

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